Frozen Fruit Treats

Summer is one of my favorite seasons. This year has been one hot summer! We haven’t gotten a break from the high humidity temperatures and bad air quality in NYC. One of the things I have been enjoying the most this summer is all the deliciously sweet summer fruits!

Mangos, peaches, strawberries, plums and watermelon are just a few of the amazing fruits I enjoy during this time. Fruit doesn’t last in the kitchen. Our rule at home: you can have all the fruit and veggies you want. And, we take this rule seriously!

As I go through my healing journey, I am learning how important eating fruit is and how it impacts our body. I have always known fruits are good for us but didn’t realize how much they can strengthen our immune system. For many years, I consumed very little fruit and my snack choices consist of chips, cookies and sugary treats instead. Someone like me who has an autoimmune disease, should always try to help strengthen the immune system. With the amount of loaded nutrients each fruit has I try to make sure both my son and I have options on how we have our fruits.

Last summer, we started making fruit popsicle ice tubes. I thought it was a brilliant idea! Our freezer is usually packed with meats and frozen foods. There is never space for those fun ice pop moulds as they take a lot of space. I found these inexpensive plastic tubes that we filled up with our blends of fresh fruits. They take up minimal space in the freezer and are super convenient.

The watermelon ice pops as in the picture above is fresh watermelon puree. (no sweeteners added)

There are endless fruit combinations we are still trying. I will update you with our favorite. Share your combinations in the comments. I’d love to try!

Below, I am sharing the link to the ice tubes.