Gift Guide 2020

I have decided to put together this gift guide to share with you in an effort to offer some suggestions during your shopping experience.  It gets overwhelming to find meaningful, useful and affordable gifts for my loved ones and I thought I’d share my favorite items.  This gift guide is short but focuses on items that provide comfort that you didn’t even know you needed. You will find gifts in the price range $19.99 -$60.00.

Enjoy Shopping!

Huggaroo Weighted Neck Wrap

I can’t recommend this enough! I purchased one in April after I had so much stress on my shoulders and neck.  This heated pad wrap really helps relax the shoulder and muscles around the neck.  You have the option to purchase a scented one.  I have the unscented one.    This is something I use very often and find it a perfect gift for that special person who needs to relax those neck muscles.  

Huggaroo Neck Wrap Microwavable Heat Pad – Weighted, Unscented

Bluetooth Sports and Exercise Wireless Headphones

If you want to gift a good pair of wireless headphones, take a look at these. I was extremely impressed by the quality and functionality of these headphones for the price I paid. (forgot to mention they look like those pricey Apple airpods)

Neck Shoulder Massager

I have one of these and it is a game changer. This massager is flexible so that it can be used on your back, calves, legs and waist.

OCOOPA HandWarmer 

I got this rechargeable hand warmer as a present last year and it is the best hand warmer I have ever had. The battery does last for a long time. It heats up quickly, no need to wait around. You can use it as a battery to charge your electronics. Perfect gift for that special person who loves outdoors.

Huggaroo Weighted Blanket

Although it’s listed as a kids weighted blanket, I find it the perfect size and weight to watch television, read or just relax. The cozy plush fabric is very comfortable.

Size 36” x 48” and Weighs 7lbs

Huggaroo Weighted Blanket for Kids – 7 lb, 36 x 48 inches, Blue

Yeti 14oz Mug With Handle

This is an item I have been eyeing for a few months now and I have decided to gift it to myself this holiday. It is a perfect 14oz mug to keep your drink hot or cold outdoors. The handle and the lid make it very convenient to use on a stroll.

Huggaroo Eye Compress

This eye compress comes with a cooling gel insert and a hot insert. Perfect gift for someone suffering from migraines or just needs some relaxed eyes. They are extremely comfortable.

Huggaroo Eye Compress, Unscented

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