Movie Review: Dora and the Lost City of Gold

This summer, the movie theaters have been sizzling hot with the releases of “live action” movies for our iconic original animated movies and shows. It all started with Aladdin followed by Lion King. Now it’s Dora the Explorer’s turn.

When I heard about Dora and the Lost City of Gold, I was very curious to see how they would incorporate the essence of the beloved children’s animated show into this live action movie. I had a chance to screen the movie and I am surprised at how much fun it was. There is tons of laughing throughout the entire movie and great child-approved suspense to keep you held to your seat. It was nice to see the unforgettable characters, Boots, Backpack and Swiper the fox, take their roles in the movie. It comes with a takeaway lesson to be who you are. I enjoy movies that share cultures and this is definitely one!

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