The Hectic Back to School Schedule

We are only a few weeks away from NYC kids starting a new school year.  It’s exciting to see my son re-energized and ready to use his brand new supplies that he picked out with great enthusiasm.

This is also the beginning of back to school (BTS) events: PTA meetings, curriculum night meetings, parent’s night out, sport’s team meetings and much more.  I am lucky to have an athletic boy who is part of a swim team. So this also means it’s the start of swim practices after school, four times a week and weekend meets.   It’s a tough time and it becomes overwhelming when my body doesn’t cooperate. After a relaxing summer, it becomes difficult to get back into the routine. This whole back-to-school process is not an easy task.

How do I handle such a hectic schedule when I don’t have the sufficient energy to tackle everything?

Over the years, I have learned that I was less productive when I tried to do everything. Even worse, I ended up in endless body discomfort and stress.

Here are a few personal tips that have helped me balance the schedule and somewhat enjoy the craziness of the back to school season.

1 – You don’t have to attend all the meetings and BTS events

Attend what you can. Keep in mind that you can always email the school staff, teachers and/or coaches to meet at a later day/ time that is more convenient. Most PTA meetings are recapped and sent through email. Communicating with PTA through email is also a great option. I do that a lot in the winter because stepping out in cold means finger ulcers.

2 – Get help from family and friends

I always wanted to be part of everything that involved Matthew – drop off, pick-up, sports games and everything in between.  Over the years, it became harder and harder. It was not easy to let go of these responsibilities. I felt like an incompetent mother when I finally let go, but help from family and friends had been the key to being more productive in tough times.  I save my energy to use when I am around my son. I found that I became more patient during homework time making evenings smoother (that’s a topic for a seperate blog 🙂 )

3- If possible organize your calendar to one errand a day

I never know how I will feel tomorrow.  I can be full of energy today, but tomorrow I could have the terrifying finger ulcer pain shooting up to my arm.  My good and bads are random and so I always try to have only one errand planned on the calendar. I try to mark all the classroom and school wide events as early as I get the dates.  This way if I feel good, I’ll have all the energy to attend as it would be the only thing on the calendar.